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An importer and distributor of Mediterranean food products, Les Aliments Palmos Foods is a family business established on the North Shore of Montreal.

Les Aliments Palmos Foods

Les Aliments Palmos Foods offers customers improved access to top-quality foods by building close relationships with its brands and grocers.

Working in the food industry for over 25 years and inspired by their Greek roots, the founders import foods from the Mediterranean in order to meet the growing demand of consumers looking for healthy, good quality and affordable products, such as olive oil and roasted peppers.

Our values

Passion, quality and philotimo — a concept of general pride based on honour and the common good — are the values that guide us in our actions. Our commitment to value, taste and quality ensures the success of everyone involved, and most importantly, customer satisfaction.

Our brands

Each of our brands — Molón Lavé, Uncle Yiannis, Palmos, AVATON, Terra di Grano, YAMAS and Citrús — is produced from land to table based on a cooperative model and according to traditional production methods. Hundreds of producers brought together as cooperatives take care of the cultivation, processing and packaging. This integrated management system ensures optimal control of costs, quality and consistency of supply to grocers.

Why choose Les Aliments Palmos Foods?

The close relationships that we build with our brands, as well as with over 250 grocery retailers in Quebec and Ontario, enables optimal communication, increased performance and reliability in terms of supply consistency.

Our fast-growing business has a distribution centre based in Blainville and serves major food chains, independent grocers, as well as gourmet grocery stores.

Molón Lavé

Superior-category cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, naturally clear and produced exclusively from olives of one crop year.

Uncle Yiannis

A range of pickled vegetables picked at peak ripeness: pickled roasted peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, beets, eggplant, gherkins and capers, all with a sublime taste.


To satisfy your dessert cravings, peach halves and canned fruit bursting with juice and sunshine, steeped in a light syrup. Simply delicious!


AVATON is a pure water originating from an artesian spring at the Monastery Mountain of Mount Athos for centuries; an UNESCO world heritage site secluded from human civilization.

Terra di Grano

Using pure raw materials, it has series of pasta with exquisite taste and special characteristics, covering even the most demanding palates.


Original recipe refined ICE TEA YAMAS Ice Tea such as friendship, joy, sun, sea, along with the tradition of the whole of Greece.


Juices based on concentrate are obtained, like pure juices, by pressing fruit, the juice of which will be concentrated by partial evaporation of the water it contains.

Partner of independent grocery stores, fine food stores and :

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